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Individual Coaching
Group Coaching
Nature-Based Coaching
What is coaching?

Coaching involves a series of supportive conversations which centre around a process of exploration, learning and change (for everyone involved!). The intention of coaching is to assist you, the client, in moving from where you are now, to where you want to be, and empowering you to be the driver on that road trip. 

Sometimes people come to coaching knowing what they want and where they want to be - and our time together is spent working on how to get there. Other times, people don't know what they want, they just feel like something could change - and they come to coaching to start that process.

Coaching can be done on a 1:1 basis, or with groups.

For more info about coaching, including cost of sessions,
please see FAQS
Please note: I currently offer sessions on Thursday, Friday & Saturday (morning)*

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You might be interested in coaching if...
  • You want to explore and make changes in certain aspects of your life 

  • You are seeking clarity around something

  • You are looking to find ways to support your health and wellbeing

  • You have a project you want to start, or a goal to achieve

  • You have or are about to experience a life change and would like to work out your next steps.

  • You are feeling stuck at a life cross-roads and would like to navigate your way forwards

My coaching approach

As a practitioner, I believe in using a person-centred approach, which means you (the client), your needs, experiences and values are at the centre of all the work and progress we make. In our conversations, the overall direction and focus for each session is set by you, and all that you are wanting to create or discover. Together, we will explore out how best you learn, so we can make our approach within each session engaging and tailored to you. 

By using a person-centred approach, coaching can empower individuals to better understand and trust themselves, so that they can navigate life with a little more kindness and confidence.


My role, as coach, is to provide a warm, encouraging and accepting space for you to explore what changes you want to make. I adopt a gentle questioning and explorative approach to sessions - weaving in opportunity for creativity, curiosity, compassion and play to support you in finding your own answers. This process has the potential to be all sorts of things - but in my experience, there is plenty of opportunity for us to weave in some real nourishment and enjoyment along the way.


My hope is that coaching sessions can be a place to explore and embrace all you are becoming..

Explore how to navigate life through all its changing seasons...
Interested in 1:1 coaching? Drop me a message to book a free initial consultation, and we can go from there...


Group coaching​ can be a really beneficial learning process for a group of individuals with a shared experience or intention in which to centre the coaching process around. For example, a coaching group for individuals who want to focus on ways to promote their wellbeing over the winter months, or a coaching group for freelance creatives who want to work towards building their individual businesses. 

The strength of group coaching is the breadth of learning that can take place. Using the collective hive mind there is plenty of opportunity to gain deeper insight into your own experiences through the exchange of other people's thoughts, stories and ideas. The supportive space created in a group coaching environment can be a powerful tool for change, where you can get a sense of feeling supported by a group of people, whilst all working towards your own individual goals.

Groups are small with usually 4-7 people per group.


Coaching sessions can be taken outdoors to harness the power of nature to support learning.


Benefits of nature-based coaching can include:

  • Greater clarity and creativity - being outside can 'free up' thoughts and offer new ways of thinking

  • Lessons from nature - seeing parallels with what occurs in the natural world and our own experience

  • Feelings of acceptance - opportunity for compassion through seeing ourselves as part of nature

  • Feeling connected with our body - the opportunity to move during sessions and explore the senses can help some individuals safely engage with our felt experience of the body.

  • Promotion of health and wellbeing - time outside (and away from screens!) means we can reap the health and wellbeing benefits of being within and connected to the natural world.

Finding someone to work with, who feels right for you, is a key part of the process...

This is why before we start, I offer a free consultation call so we can meet, talk through expectations, and get a feel of whether we'd like to work together. Then we can go from there...


If you are interested in an initial chat...


How is coaching different to psychotherapy or counselling?

There are a few key differences, but these are potentially the main two:

1. Coaching is very present-future oriented, rather than focusing on what has happened in the past. It tends to focus on what is going on for you now with the intention of working out where you want to be, and how you might get there. 
For a metaphorical explanation of this please see this kitchen conversation on the differences between therapy, counselling and coaching.

2. Although coaching is great for supporting people to improve their sense of wellbeing, there are particular topics or areas of wellness (such as seeking support for mental illness) which sit within the realms of psychotherapy or counselling rather than coaching. This is due to the specific training needed to be able to best support individuals navigating these experiences of mental ill health.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?
The joy of person-centred coaching is that it caters for you, your unique interests, needs and strengths. Therefore, the coaching topic is chosen by you and the learning process can be tailored to you. But of course, is anything ever for everyone? If you are not sure whether coaching is for you, but you are curious to find out, it might be worth booking an initial free consultation to talk through. All questions, comments, concerns welcome! 


Crucially, you need to find the right person to work with! I would always recommend finding at least a couple of coaches to chat to first before you dive in. Many coaches will do an initial introductory call for free (or at low cost).

How many sessions?
For 1:1 - this mostly depends on the end destination/goal/topic we are working towards - and is something that will be discussed in the initial session. However, I usually offer a block of 3 sessions following the initial consultation. After each 3 session block we will review our progress and option to extend.

For groups - the usual amount is 6 sessions. However, this can be adjusted depending on the group and topic.

What is the cost of sessions?

For 1:1 - Currently, a 1 hour session is priced on a sliding-scale between £50-£70. This will be discussed in the initial consultation. 

If money is a barrier, but you are really interested in coaching,
please get in touch as I may be able to offer alternative pricing or payment plans.

For groups - cost is dependent on several factors - please enquire separately for a tailored quote by sharing an idea of what you have in mind (e.g number of people, sessions and frequency).


Please note, I am continually reviewing the affordability of sessions - so costing may change.

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