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Nature-Based Wellbeing
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For me, workshops are a chance to return to the playground - a place to play with ideas, learn new perspectives, and engage in meaningful and lighthearted interactions. 


Workshops can allow us to deepen and expand our existing interests, but they can also offer opportunities to take our curiosity for a spin, and dip our toes into some thing, topic or activity which feels completely new.


I also love workshops for their opportunity to experience connection, in a variety of forms and flavours.

Since 2018, I have been facilitating health and wellbeing related workshops on a variety of themes across a variety of settings - including festivals, third sector support services, educational settings, and private events. Whatever the theme or the setting, my aim is always to create a gentle and welcoming environment, so that everyone feels able to get involved with whatever our time together has to offer.

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Like much of the work I do, the workshops I offer tend to centre around experiences of connection with ourselves, other people, and the world around us - something to celebrate our place amongst the wider family of things.

These workshops often come about in response to the recurring themes, questions and lessons emerging in my own life, and the conversations that inspire me. Drawing from ideas and research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and ecopsychology to inform the content of these sessions - these workshops are created from a blend of evidence-based practices, research and lived-experience.

Each workshop tends to weave in a combination of themes - offering opportunities to:

  • Explore interpersonal connection & empathic relating

  • Develop greater self-awareness and self-worth

  • Discover approaches for reflective & assertive communication

  • Harness your values & strength-based thinking

  • Better understand your emotional and embodied experience

  • Cultivate greater kindness, compassion & gratitude in your life

  • Develop your connection with the more-than-human world

Current Offerings...
  • Seasonal Celebration Workshops: nature-based reflective workshops connecting to the gifts of the changing seasons 

  • Friendship Speed Dating Workshops | Group or Community Mingles (offering bespoke facilitation for specific events)

  • 'The Friend I am Becoming': An invitation to our compassionate selves

  • 'You get that from your mother': Seeing ourselves reflected in mother nature

  • 'Where beauty meets beast' : a nature-based workshop exploring ideas of beauty


Connection Series

  • Sowing The Seed - Connection with self

  • Branching Out - Connection with others

  • Nesting in Nature's Neighbourhood - Connection with nature

  • Finding Our Field - Connection with place


I work with organisations, individuals and community groups to help develop and deliver workshops, programmes and training.

Examples of current work:

Green Social Prescribing programme - Nature-Based Wellbeing Facilitation - I am currently working with Your Park Bristol & Bath to deliver a green social prescribing programme called Roots to Wellbeing. This involves facilitating weekly outdoor mental health and wellbeing support groups in the park. Sessions are designed to help people connect with each other and nature, in hope these experiences will offer people a source of health and wellbeing.

Staff Reflective Practice - Development and Delivery - I am also delivering staff reflective practice with a local charity in Bristol. Reflective practice aims to offer a unique opportunity for people to talk about their experiences at work, and reflect on any challenges that may have arisen. Reflective practice offers a place to explore these experiences within a supportive group environment - offering a chance to build trust and relationships within staff teams.

I welcome opportunities to collaborate on various projects  at stages of curation, development and delivery. Please get in touch if you, or your team, are looking for someone to partner with and we can have a chat...

Interested in attending a workshop? Or looking to collaborate on a new project?

If you are interested in attending a workshop or just wanting to know what's on offer - please send me an email.

If there is something you would like to create, develop, or deliver together - I'd love to hear from you.


Having been lucky enough to personally experience just how much a connection with the natural world can support health and wellbeing, I began to wonder how nature's healing and therapeutic magic could be weaved into my work with other people.

The solace, nourishment and inspiration I had found in nature made me curious about what other people's experiences might be. This curiosity threw me into a year long research project, exploring people's experiences of post-traumatic growth and the perceived role that nature had played in this process following trauma. Through this, I discovered just how powerful a connection to the natural world could be for many people, even in the darkest times. It soon became clear, I needed to start taking my work in health and wellbeing outdoors.

Now, nature-based wellbeing has become a real focus in the work that I do - offering opportunities for people to safely engage and connect with nature to support their health. Whether it's in the weekly mental health support groups out in parks, seasonal wellbeing workshops, or nature-based coaching - the transformative benefits that positive experiences with nature can offer us continues to amaze me.

Importantly, research shows the more we connect with the natural world, the more we are inclined to look after it. I hope that in nurturing our relationship with nature in different ways, both humans and the more-than-human world can benefit from better collective (and connective) health.


Perhaps you are someone who is interested in how you might nurture your health through your relationship with nature? 

Or maybe you're an organisation considering how you can effectively support individuals to connect with the natural world? 

If so, please get in touch - I'd love to explore the ways we can turn the world of wellbeing more green.

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