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Medicine - FSD Workshop Pano.HEIC

George - South West, UK

1:1 Coaching Client

'Thinking about how much Hope helped me through a tough period makes me a bit emotional. It was key in helping me deal with and manage my pain. As well as, prioritising certain aspects of my life and finding new avenues to explore. Hope has a wonderful ability to get the answer from within you, by just asking the right questions. It really feels like both parties are contributing, which (in my experience) is a golden rarity.

Hope’s knowledge of Chronic Illness was of extreme help to me. However, it is far from being her only speciality, the lessons I have learnt with Hope I will treasure and keep with me for life.'

Anna - Budapest, Hungary
1:1 Coaching Client

'Been an amazing experience working with Hope, she made me remember some long forgotten passions and make realisations that I've not been able to make on my own for 30+ years...


She's got a super talent for coaching and working with people'

Mia - Bristol, UK

Workshop Attendee

'Hope’s friendship speed dating workshop surprised me in so many ways. I wasn’t expecting to actually form connections with those around me! Hope created a space where conversation was natural and strangers turned familiar faces by the end of the workshop. Thank you Hope'

Lucy - London, UK

1:1 Coaching Client


'Before starting sessions with Hope I wasn't sure what to expect from life coaching but as I began Hope made the process accessible and rewarding.  I found being given constructive time to think about challenges in my day to day enormously helpful. In the space of the session, I never felt rushed or given words to say. I felt safe in taking my time to come to conclusions that I needed time and encouragement to come to.'

I am so grateful for the tools that the course of sessions has given me in the way i think about and work through issues in my own time.'

Yogi N - London, UK

National Education Nature Park Team - Natural History Museum 
Workshop Attendee

'Hope is a fantastic facilitator, grounded, empathetic and funny, who allows so many people to connect to themselves and the natural world around them in her workshops.


These workshops hold something for everyone, from the most experienced naturalist to hose who struggle to find or get out into nature. I always leave feeling more, seeing more and enjoying more of the natural world around me.'

Kirsty - UK
1:1 Coaching Client

'From the first contact, Hope was focused on a personalised approach. Her grounding energy meant sessions were always enjoyable to attend - I particularly enjoyed the language she used, drawing on visual imagery and metaphors to turn complex cognitions into tangible concepts. She was warm and supportive, I felt she held me accountable in a non-invasive way.


I decided to start coaching with Hope as I was looking for support in building my self-esteem to develop more self-confidence. Hope helped me to realise my own strengths, and offered me a safe space to challenge the narrative in my head. The Impostor Syndrome I identified with at the beginning of our sessions melted away over the weeks Hope and I worked together. I have already recommended Hope to friends - she's so down-to-earth and supportive. If you've been looking for some support in building your wellbeing, be it in confidence, self-esteem or self-compassion, Hope will be an ideal coach to support you on your path.'

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